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SPOILER ALERT! It is that time of the year again and continuing that great newspaper tradition from the 1920s through the 1960s we are pleased to break the news on the new license plate decals for 2019! The colours are to be black-on-yellow (much like the 2015 decals)! When we get our hands on a photo of the new decal we'll update this link.
2017-10-04 The Merritt Herald ran a story today regarding a recent donation of some nice 1942 BC plates to the Merritt License Plate Museum. To read more about it, just Click Here!
The spotting of "TRUMP" personalised BC plates on various social media platforms prompted us to do some research which turned up some surprising past decisions by the MVB and ICBC regarding the ability to put a political figure's name on your plate. To see what we came up with, Click Here!
2017-07-12 Confirmation today that the first set of passenger plates from the FA0-00A series have been spotted, right on schedule (based on the predictions made back on December 10, 2017). Next stop will be the GA0-00A series in February of 2018. To when the previous letters were rolled out, Click Here!
2017-07-01 10 years ago this month (sometime) the province released a re-designed Consular base incorporating the red background that was common on the diplomatic plates used by Ontario for decades. To read about this event, just Click Here!
An update on sales of the BC Parks plates was released today (the pending defeat of the Liberals in the Legislature seems to be unsticking government news) and, according to ICBC, "an astounding 37,000" have been sold, "smashing sales projections" to reach a milestone that was not expected to be crossed until 2022 (or five years ahead of schedule). To read more, Click Here!
With the exhaustion of the 'LV' bloc on the current Veteran Commercial Truck base expectations were that the next suffix bloc in the series would be "LW" but in a surprise twist the Corporation has gone backwards to the "LT" suffix. Apparently there were still combinations available in the LT suffix, so this had to be used first.
Further to our post on March 22nd, the Corporation released a Bulletin (No. 20) today updating the letters that are to be used on the Collector passenger and motorcycle plates when the current 'B' bloc is exhausted. Instead of the letter 'A', the letters 'M' and 'N' will be used on passenger plates with the letter 'P' being put aside for use on motorcycle plates. We assume this will result in an updated Licence Plate Identification Guide soon. To read the Bulletin, simply Click Here!
With the exhaustion of the 'X' bloc on the current motorcycle plates, the Corporation has begun issuing plates starting with a 'Y' prefix (i.e. "Y00-000").
Usually there is a purpose to the Bulletin's that ICBC issues on various plate related matters. With Bulletin No. 19, however, we are not quite sure what the purpose is other than to maybe remind everyone that there is such a thing as Consul plates (as there is no information about these plates on the Corporation's site) and maybe to note the pending 10 year anniversary of the Consul plates re-design in June(?). To read the Bulletin, simply Click Here!
Ten years ago today the province issued the Olympic license plate; the first non-restricted specialty plate offered to motorists in British Columbia! Over the course of the 3+ years it was available for sale, 196,305 plates were sold (or is that 208,000?). A decade on and there are still approximately 59,000 cars sporting the plates, which is about 30% of the original total. Feel like reminiscing with us? Then Click Here to read more!
The long anticipated news of a specialty license plate program in British Columbia was finally made by the Corporation today with the release of a Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) from potential sponsor organizations to help guide the development of the program with a formal call for applications likely occurring in the fall of 2017 (with plates available for purchase in 2018). To read more, Click Here!
Five months into the program and we have some issuing information on the Memorial Cross plates. According to the Corporation there have been approximately 18 passenger plates issued and 8 commercial truck plates. While there have been a few spottings of these plates in the wild (including a grainy photo that could also be a sasquatch) we are still waiting to acquire a high quality photo. If you have one, please drop us a line.
The CBC has run a story calling out the province and ICBC for misleading motorists purchasing one of the new BC Parks plates about how much of there $50 fee is actually going to the BC Parks Enhancement Fund. To see what all the fuss is about, Click Here!
After many years of neglect, the BCpl8s.ca team has finally devoted some resources to updating our page on Temporary Operating Permits (TOPs) - those ephemeral paper counterparts to the more traditional metal license plate. To see what we have been up to, Click Here!
An interesting tidbit in the new Identification Guide from ICBC reported on below, the Collector plates, which are nearing exhaustion under the current B00-000 format have been updated in the Guide to reveal a new serial format! While we are waiting to be truly surprised with the first 7-digit plate in BC, alas, it is not to be the Collector which will be moving to a 0A0-000 format (which is much the same as the 0B0-000 format used on the Off-Road Vehicle plates and explains why these plates started with a "B"). To read more, simply Click Here!
ICBC was kind enough to forward the most recent iteration of their "BC Licence Plate Identification Guide" (March 2017), a copy of which can be accessed from the BCpl8s.ca main page, or just Click here!
ICBC "tweeted" some more sales information about the new BC Parks plates today. In less than a month since the announcement of 5,000 plates being sold, the Corporation has now moved over 10,000 of the plates! We are trying to tweet ... I mean tease some numbers out of them to see if the Kermode is still the most popular. To read more, simply Click Here!
ICBC released one of their intermittent Bulletin's today (No. 18), which provides an update on the pending closure of the Corporation's Burnaby Warehouse, or what we like to call the epicentre of British Columbia license plates. This is the place where plates are received by ICBC from Waldale, stored and then shipped to various Autoplan Agents across the province for issuing to motorists. It is also the place where all license plates returned to Autoplan Agents (and others) are returned and checked by ICBC before ultimately being send off for recycling? We have posted a brief blurb on this, to read it simply Click Here!
In what we are taking to be a sign of the times, ICBC "tweeted"(!) today some sales information pertaining to the new BC Parks plates. In less than a month over 5,000 of the plates have now been sold! After a little prompting, the tweeters at ICBC were also kind enough to provide a breakdown of this number by design. Any guess as to which has been the most popular? To see if you are right, simply Click Here!
The Corporation released one of its Bulletin's today in order to address an emerging problem with some of the 2017 decals, namely disappearing ink (or, as ICBC prefers to call it; "fading" ink). To read more about this, simply Click Here!
Following a little sleuthing on various social media platforms, we have been able to identify the photographer of the Kermode Bear and Purcell Mountain images used on the BC Parks base. To find out who it is, simply Click Here!
Today is the day that the BC Parks plates go on sale! In an attempt to track down some of the cooler letter/number combinations, one of our dedicated field agents has been compiling known combinations at various Autoplan Agents throughout the province. To see if there is anything cool near you, simply Click Here! (NOTE: this info will get very dated, very fast and we are not planning on updating it)
Christmas in January! Ministers Todd Stone and Mary Polak unveiled the design(s) of the new BC Parks plates that had been announced back on November 28th at an event at Jack Poole Plaza in Vancouver this morning! Unfortunately, the plates will not go on sale until January 29th but we have updated the BC Parks page with the Kermode Bear, Purcell Mountain and Porteau Cove designs and a whole bunch of other information too. To read and see more, simply Click Here!
Interesting story in the Merritt Herald this regarding the Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) plates. Of the estimated 200,000 ORVs in British Columbia, around 105,000 have now been issued ORV plates. To read the whole story, simply Click Here!
First sighting of a passenger plate with an "EA0-00A" prefix today by our Director Plate Spottings. This is slightly ahead of schedule and we are now anticipating that the first "FA-" passenger plates will be hitting the roads sometime in late June or early July of 2017!
When it rains, it pours! In one calendar month, the provincial government has announced the creation of two separate specialty license plates! First was the Memorial Cross Recipient plates we covered below, and then came today's announcement regarding the creation of a plate as part of the government's BC Parks Future Strategy. While details are scant at this point, what we do know is that sales of the plate will be reinvested in provincial parks and that the design is to be unveiled in the coming weeks. As more details become available we will be sure to post them. To visit our page, simply Click Here!
In time for Remembrance Day, the provincial government announced a new restricted specialty license plate today; Memorial Cross Recipient! Eligibility for the plates is restricted to family members (or other "loved ones") of members of the Canadian Armed Forces who have died while in service (so we are, hopefully, not expecting this to be a common plate type). To mark the birth of this new plate, we have set-up a new page on BCpl8s.ca. To access it, simply Click Here!
Global News Vancouver ran a video segment on ICBCs Personalized Number Plate (PNP) Program (check the Licence Plate Identification Guide, PNPs are what vanity plates in BC are formally called) during the 6pm New Hour show today. While we firmly subscribe to the old adage that any news coverage of license plates is good coverage, we wonder if Global could not have pushed the envelope a little bit more than they did and explore a different angle than one that has been covered numerous times by the print media over the past decade? To see the segment as well as our suggestions for future PNP stories, Click Here!
SPOILER ALERT! It is that time of the year again and continuing that great newspaper tradition from the 1920s through the 1960s we are pleased to break the news on the new license plate decals for 2018! The colours are to be black-on-orange (much like the 2013 decals)! To see the new decal, Click Here!
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (UK, not Ontario) are due to touch done in Victoria around 4pm today, so the social media team here at BCpl8s.ca is preparing for a blitz of images of the Royals touring the province in their motorcade, including the photos of the distinctive red plates that have been used in the past. As these images come in, we will be posting them to the site. To see what we have, Click Here!
Thanks to the good folks at ICBC, we have been able to procure the statistics used to establish Langley as the hot rod capital of BC mentioned in the previous post. To read more about which communities rate highest for Collector plates, Click Here!
An interesting article in the Langley Times to coincide with the semi-annual Drive-In; according to ICBC Langley is the hot rod capital of the province on the basis that it has the highest proportion of Collector plates issued to residents per capita of any community in BC. According to the article, there is roughly one car with a Collector plate for every 100 residents in the City and Township of Langley. To read the article, Click Here!
Ha-ha! Although our query to the media folks at ICBC was recently rebuffed, it appears the Vancouver Sun has had much more luck, running a story today about "ICBC rolls out massive computer system project for brokers". As we thought, "it’s the last step in the corporation’s $400-million “transformation” project, which started several years ago and replaces technology up to 40 years old." Absent from the announcement, however, is anything to do with the specialty license plate program.
No news on "Transformation 2014", but the media folks alerted me to an announcement regarding an expansion of the Collector plate to modified vehicles up to an including the 1974 model year (previously, it was only to 1958. Apparently, this will "allow eligible modified vehicles within the “muscle car” era into the program". To read the official news release, Click Here!
Rumours are starting to fly about potential delays on the system used by Autoplan Agents to register vehicles this month! Could this finally be the start of the "Transformation 2014" computer system upgrades coming to the Vehicle Registration Department? When we find out more, we will post to this page.
The seventh annual Okanagan Valley License Plate Meet was held in Summerland today with approximately 15-18 collectors in attendance. Fun was had by all, and to see the group picture, Click here.
Great story on the Driving.ca web-site regarding the early history of the Collector plate. Sure wish I had tracked down Russ Fraser when I was working on the book. Oh well ... will properly attribute parts of this story when I add it to the Collector page. In the meantime, to read it for yourself, Click Here!
An interesting tidbit from Pierre Delacote today; if you happen to have an amateur radio plate and would like to find out some information about who had the call sign (and plate), this can be searched by Clicking Here!
First spottings of the new 2017 decals that we reported on back in February are starting to be seen around the province. In time, we will have come real-life specimens posted to the Decals page, so check back soon to see what these look like.
Confirmation today that the first set of passenger plates from the DD0-00D series have been spotted, right on schedule (well, actually, two weeks early, but that is probably well within our margin or error). Next stop will be the EE0-00E series in February of 2017.
So, it has begun! A chance finding on the internet of an announcement by BC Golf and the Allied Golf Association (AGA) of British Columbia that they are pursuing a "Canada's Golf Capital" specialty license plate with ICBC with any monies raised to purportedly be equally split between marketing and youth engagement in the sport. Even more interesting, the announcement is suggesting such a plate will be available in the Fall of 2016 (UPDATE: this claim is false). Check out our main page in a few months time for a link to specialty plates in BC. In the meantime, to read about the BC Golf and AGA Announcement, Click Here!

Yawn! A bunch of dudes with sport's cars don't like the aesthetic of a front license plate and, therefore, want the province to do away with them and have started a petition to this end. To view the petition, Click Here.

We here at BCpl8s.ca are celebrating a rare occurrence today, the completion of an oddball run of annual plates - this time for Commercial Trailer - for the years 1921 through to 1973! Fortunate smiled upon us with an email from a friend of the site who noticed we had a blank space for 1922 and that they happened to have a 1922 in their collection (unissued no less and likely from the stash that was found in Clinton all those years ago). To see the newly completed Commercial Trailer run, Click Here!
The 32nd Annual Pacific Northwest Regional License Plate Meet was held today, as always, in Burnaby. Fun was had by all who attended and we are looking forward to next year, which is tentatively scheduled for March 25th, 2017. To see the group picture, Click here.
Thanks to a friend of the site, we have been able to obtain a seemingly RARE copy of Wrigley's 1932 "Automobile and Truck Owners' Directory of Greater Vancouver"! For those unfamiliar with these directories, they list every registered vehicle in the City of Vancouver by plate number and include the owner's name and address and vehicle type. Needless to say, we promptly scanned this directory with OCR enabled, meaning you can search it at your leisure! To access the directory (which clocks in at 50mb in size), just Click Here!
ICBC has posted one of their irregular Bulletins related to vehicle registration issues, this time seeking to clarify what to do as 2016 is a Leap Year (they issued a similar Bulletin in 2012). Of interest to us plate geeks, the Corporation is alternating the appearance of the 2017 decals, starting with those issued for expiry in "July 2017". The rounded corners seen between 1999-2009 are making a comeback, while the font is being reduced, the green altered slightly and the visibility of the hologram increased. To read more about it, Click Here!
Another one for the "X Files" thanks, again, to Rick Pilotte of Esquimalt whose hawk like eyes caught an oddity which appeared in the April 2004 issue of the Number Plate Collectors Club (NPCC) of Australia Newsletter; namely a photo of Verne Schuldt (since deceased) holding a 1917 BC plate No. 14401! This plate is significantly higher than the total of 13,000 thought to have been issued and we here at BCpl8s.ca would dearly like to obtain a high quality version of this plate - assuming it can be tracked down! To see more, Click Here!
2015-11-02 25 years ago today, the province announced the introduction of the Collector license plate program. To read more about this plate type, Click Here!
SPOILER ALERT! It is that time of the year again and continuing that great newspaper tradition from the 1920s through the 1960s we are pleased to break the news on the new license plate decals for 2017! The colours are to be black-on-green! To see the decal, just Click Here!
It seems to finally be happening! No more delays or extensions for the registration of off-road vehicles and the in the lead-up to the November 1 deadline, the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations staged a media event on the front steps of the Legislature to get the word out the people need to get their vehicles registered. The results, well, we don't know yet, but we here at BCpl8s.ca sure appreciate the cornucopia of photos and videos, some of which we have posted, just Click here!


We here at BCpl8s.ca have our own version of the X-Files and have long heard rumours of a "non-compliant" version of the Prorate plate that was issued shortly after Waldale won the plate contract from ICBC back in 2002. Well, thanks to a serendipitous search of the Francoplaque web-site (being the home of French plate collectors), we have found our smoking gun. To read more, Click here!
Another neat story in the Vancouver Sun today from John Mackie regarding the impending retirement of John Tanner from the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre. The best part about the story was Tanner's recollection of "the license plate fiasco" that got him fired from CKLG in 1970. To read more, Click here!
Not something you see very often as the Delta Police posted some images of doctored/altered license plates and decals on their Facebook page today. We have captured the images and placed them Here for ease of access and your viewing enjoyment!
ICBC was kind enough to forward the most recent iteration of their "BC Licence Plate Identification Guide" (November 2014), a copy of which can be accessed from the BCpl8s.ca main page, or just Click here!
The sixth annual Okanagan Valley License Plate Meet was held in Summerland today with approximately 15-18 collectors in attendance. Fun was had by all, and to see the group picture, Click here.
Word from our Director of Plate Spotting today that the "D" suffix used on Commercial Trailers has been exhausted and, as expected, the series has shifted back to the "U" suffix last seen on the Olympic Commercial Trailer base in 2007 (of which only about 227 were issued). We are assuming that the series is starting somewhere after the Olympic bloc, with the lowest number seen to date being in the 0300-0U range. Are you interested in the Commercial Trailer base? Then Click here!
As we mentioned back in March, an important case involving specialty license plates was being considered by the US Supreme Court. Well, today the decision came down and the States have the ability to deny requests for such plates, meaning Texas will not have to issue a plate displaying the Confederate Battle flag. Similarly, North Carolina will not have to make available a plate for pro-choice advocates, while New York will not have to issue a plate for choose life advocates. For an overview of the case, we recommend the SCOTUSblog site. Otherwise, a Google search will probably tell you everything you need to know.
In a surprise move, ICBC appears to have used the occasion of the Utility Trailer plates running out of combinations under the "UAA" prefix to implement a minor redesign of the plates. While the new prefix starting at "WAA" is not that surprising, what is surprising is that the redesign does not appear to have followed the Corporation's own internal (and unconfirmed) policy regarding plate redesigns. In addition, the "Beautiful" slogan has been dropped from the plates - a first since its introduction in 1986. To read more about all the changes, Click here.
News today from the province that mandatory licensing of ATVs has been deferred from June 1, 2015, to November 1, 2015, in order to allow additional time for certain details to be worked out by bureaucrats. The more surprising element, however, is word that an "ICBC-issued numbered sticker" will now be an option for off-roaders not keen on affixing a metal number plate to their vehicle. To read more about it, Click here.
Right on schedule, the first "BA0-00A" plates are starting to be issued, meaning the Corporation has already burned through about 360,000 plates of the new series in about 8 months! The next milestone should occur in November of this year when the first plates in the "CA0-00A" bloc begin to be issued. Stay tuned!
The 31st Annual Pacific Northwest Regional License Plate Meet was held today, as always, in Burnaby. Fun was had by all who attended and we are looking forward to next year, which is tentatively scheduled for March 26th, 2016. To see the group picture, Click here.
A big event in the world of license plates today with the US Supreme Court hearing oral arguments in the case of The Sons of Confederate Veterans vs. the State of Texas with the issue being the ability of an issuing authority to control the images that appear on specialty license plates. A fantastic overview of the legal issues at question has been provided on the SCOTUSblog site, while an audio recording of the event can be found on the Supreme Court's web site. A decision - which will be the first one since the Court last considered license plate in the 1977 case of Wooley v. Maynard - is expected sometime this summer.
A spotting on the road today of a motorcycle plate with a "W" prefix! To read more about motorcycle sequences, Click here!
The province announced today that it is extending the use of Passenger Carrier license plates to limousines and party-buses. According to the media release, this "eliminates the competitive advantage that General Authorization limousine licensees previously had, which allowed them to set rates, work anywhere in the province, and add vehicles to their fleet at any time" (what the province is proposing to do about the "private car" rideshare Uber is less clear). To see some photos from the announcement, Click Here!
Dave Doroghy, the Director of Sponsorship Sales for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games (2005-2010) has released a very interesting reflection on the role he played in helping to create the Winter Games license plate! To read Dave's column, Click Here!
We are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of Don Schneider's "Merritt License Plate Museum" this coming March 1st in the Nicola Valley city of (where else?) Merritt! The BCpl8s.ca team has been helping Don build a small web presence for his museum, which can be found by Clicking Here! The grand opening party will be from 11am to 3pm and contact details for Don can be found on the web-page. Don is a regular contributor to this site and having seen some of the gems of his collection we encourage those who will be finding themselves in the Merritt area on the 1st to stop by and check out the past 100 years of BC plates!
This Week in History - brought to you by the Vancouver Sun! Way back on January 3, 1967, the Sun ran a headline proclaiming "Who says alcohol and automobiles don’t mix?" (gawd, sometimes I think I was born 30 years too late - I kid!). According to the Sun, "the red on white plates, which were rolled out to commemorate Canada’s centennial, were so popular the motor vehicles branch had to 'call in extra men from the government liquor store staff' to cope with a rush." In all the research I did for the book, I thought I had read everything in the Sun ever printed about license plates, but this is one article I have not yet seen. To read the Sun's summary, including a nice plug for my book (at the end), Click Here!
We will be marking a moment of silence this evening for AirCare, the provincial vehicle emissions testing stations who, all those many years ago, prompted the government to introduce day deals onto the middle of our license plates in order to help ease the month-end crush of motorists swarming the limited testing stations in the Vancouver area in order to get the all-clear (so to speak) and thus be able to renew their insurance. Apparently, AirCare has become a victim of its own success as cars now run much cleaner than 20 years ago while all the big polluting hogs have been run off the road (or moved out of the Fraser Valley). RIP AirCare...
Thanks to their incredible powers of observation (and a mathematical mind I simply don't possess), our Chief Statistician was able to decipher a very interesting trend in BC license plate combinations - a trend that ICBC recently confirmed - and which I can share with you now (rather belatedly). In short, you will never see a plate in the new sequence which will have the No. 4 as the third character (i.e. AA4-00A). Why is this? To find out, Click Here! To also find out about some other interesting letter / number exclusions, Click Here!
35 years ago today, the first personalised license plate ("HEALEY") was issued to Richard Rogers of White Rock by then Minister of Transportation Alex Fraser in Victoria.
Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with Stephen Quinn, host of CBC Radio's "On the Coast" show, for about 5 mins on the subject of British Columbia license plates - which was all prompted by his noticing the new serial format. A clip of our conversation can be accessed by Clicking here!! (I hope this link works)
Five years after announcing their imminent release, the government finally unveiled the Off-Road Vehicle licence plates today! In all honesty, we are not entirely sure about all the differences between these plates and the existing Restricted plates, but as we work our way through it, you can read about it by Clicking here!!
ICBC was kind enough to forward the most recent iteration of their "BC Licence Plate Identification Guide" (May 2014), a copy of which can be accessed from the BCpl8s.ca main page, or just Click here!
SPOILER ALERT! It is that time of the year again and continuing that great newspaper tradition from the 1920s through the 1960s we are pleased to break the news on the new license plate decals for 2016! The colours are to be black-on-magenta! While we have yet to see the actual decal (photos to follow as soon as possible) we are guessing this is going to look a lot like the 2003 decals.
In the lead up to Remembrance Day ceremonies next week, the provincial government made an announcement regarding the 10th anniversary of the Veteran license plate and the fact that 50,000 (well, 51,400 to be exact) plates have been issued over the past decade. Interestingly, the break-down is 36,000 passenger plates; 8,700 commercial truck plates; and 6,700 motorcycle plates. To see a photo of Minster Rich Coleman (who was in the room 11 years ago when the plates were first pitched to the government) just Click Here!
We are going to file this entry under "Absurd"! Word today that Rhode Island (yes, Rhode Island!) is attempting to usurp the "Beautiful" slogan for their new license plates to be issued in 2015. You gotta be kiddin me! Rhode Island? Utah's dalliance with the "bee-Utah-ful" slogan a couple of decades ago was a little more credible but just as misplaced (maybe not so much as Rhode Island) as, clearly, everyone associates British Columbia and "Beautiful" as being synonymous (okay, maybe not motorists in the "Belle Province" but we won't mention that). Come on Rhode Island, is there even enough of you to be beautiful? Aren't you really just part of Connecticut? To read more about this hilarity, Click Here!
THEY ARE HERE! The first of the new AA0-00A format plates are now appearing on the roads and the best new nickname that we have heard is that of the "Royal Mail Postcode" format to describe the new placement of numbers and letters (thanks W.Mc.). We have posted a couple of photos that have landed in our in-box on the appropriate page, to see these just Click Here!
The fifth annual Okanagan Valley License Plate Meet was held in Summerland today with approximately 10-12 collectors in attendance. Fun was had by all, and to see the group picture, Click here.
2014-05-01 Not quite plate related, but ICBC announced today that they are replacing the sequential order of driver's licenses with a totally random sequence. To read more, Click Here!
It is not often that our headlines here in BCpl8s.ca correspond with the headlines in the mainstream media, but just such an intersection occurred today with Ted Chernecki of Global BC News doing a story on the impending switch-over to the new AA0-00A serial format. To view the story, just Click Here.
Its official! The Corporation announced today the official switch in the numbering system on passenger license plates to AA0-00A after the current 000-AAA format is exhausted in June. A couple of interesting factoids from the "Bulletin"; the Flag graphic is being retained, the current series will last for an estimated 8-10 years (how disappointing), the use of a dual decal well on passenger plates seems to be official, and Automated Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems across the province are in the process of being recalibrated to read the new format ahead of the June release. To read more, we have archived the Bulletin on BCpl8s.ca, just Click Here.
Thanks to fellow BC plate aficionado Jeff Banerd (EDIT: and others!), we have our first photographic evidence of the surplus Olympic allocation being used on the "Flag" base, just Click Here for a photo.
Kudos to our in-house statistician! Their estimate of the 000-AAA format being exhausted by April 14, 2014 has essentially been confirmed with word that - surprise, surprise - left over combinations from the Olympic allocation are now appearing on vehicles (these would be plates in the 000-MJG through to 999-MXX bloc). This explains why ICBC is advising that the 000-AAA format will not be exhausted until June and not our earlier estimate of April. Stay tuned for photos!
Recent news from the Corporation regarding the exhaustion of the current 000-AAA passenger format is that the plan remains to go to a 'AA0-00A' format and that plates in this new serial be shipped to Autoplan Agents in early to mid-June. Stay tuned for more details!
The 30th Annual Pacific Northwest Regional License Plate Meet was held today, as always, in Burnaby. Fun was had by all who attended and we are looking forward to next year, which is tentatively scheduled for March 28th, 2015. To see the group picture, Click here.
The province's new Off-Road Vehicle Act received Royal Assent from the Lieutenant Governor today. While we are assuming that this means that the legislation is now in effect, it appears that ICBC has not released any information about ATVs and similar types of off-road vehicles are now to be registered despite the Act requiring the Corporation to issue - under Section 10 - "a number plate, decal or sticker". We look forward to see if this is going to result in a new license plate type!
As combinations continue to click off the 000-AAA series and no news on the status of Transformation 2014 is forthcoming, keen plate spotters are waiting with interest for the change-over to the new AA0-00A series which ICBC informs is what is coming next. Our Stats Department here at BCpl8s.ca is predicting that plate No. 999-XXX is due to be issued on or around April 14, 2014. Until then, we can report that a plate in the WSW bloc with a 'BMR1' hologram has recently been spotted (meaning the base plate - prior to being stamped - was produced in July 2013). Will we see new dies when plates from the new contract (finalised in September of 2013) being to be issued?
It has been a while since we added any new content in relation to a particular plate type but we are happy to report that two specific types of plates have been elevated to the status of having their own page! Yes, I am talking about the "Foreign Touring" decals issued in the 1920s, which can be read about by Clicking Here; and the National Parks plates issued out of Golden in the 1930s (and possibly in the 1920s as well) along with a sub-section on those nifty little buffalo shaped radiator badges put out by Parks Canada from 1925-1940, all of which can be read about by Clicking Here!
SPOILER ALERT! It is that time of the year again and continuing that great newspaper tradition from the 1920s through the 1960s we are pleased to break the news on the new license plate decals for 2015! The colours are to be black-on-yellow! To see an example, Click Here!
Word today from the Corporation on the final revenue generated by the Olympic plates between April 16, 2007 and December 31, 2012 was $11.6 million.
A fantastic photo within the Vancouver Archives on-line collection was uncovered by our Director of Archival Research today and confirms the practice of painting numbers on vehicles, particularly motorcycles, in the pre-provincial era! To read more, Click Here.
2013-08-03 The fourth annual Okanagan Valley License Plate Meet was held in Summerland today with approximately 10-12 collectors in attendance. Fun was had by all, and to see the group picture, Click here.
An interesting photo that landed in our inbox last month has made us begin to question our assumptions about the use of porcelain in the pre-provincial era. While nothing has been conclusively proven, and may never be, the possibilities are intriguing. To read more, Click here.
Blink and you probably missed it! What, you ask? A Request for Quotation (RFQ) from ICBC regarding the Vehicle Licence Plate Contract, which came out on July 3rd and closed July 24th at 3pm. What's more, the Corporation is expecting to have a winning bidder by August 6th and for the contract to run for a period of six (6) years. If we were betting men and women here at BCpl8s.ca, our money would be squarely behind the Waldale juggernaut. While we wait with baited breathe for the winner to be declared, we will be spending the next two weeks adding interesting information from the RFQ to the site, such as the need for license plates to have space for 7-8 characters and that "Promotional plates may also be introduced during the term of the contract"!!!!! For posterity, the RFQ is being archived on BCpl8s.ca, to find it just Click here.
Better late than never! ICBC was kind enough to forward the most recent iteration of their "BC Licence Plate Identification Guide" (2012), a copy of which can be accessed from the BCpl8s.ca main page, or just Click here.
The fourth annual Okanagan Valley License Plate Meet will be held in Summerland on August 3rd with a projected start time of around noon. If you are interested in attending please drop Ron Garay a line at rgaray@direct.ca.
The 29th Annual Pacific Northwest Regional License Plate Meet was held today, as always, in Burnaby. Fun was had by all who attended and we are looking forward to next year, which is tentatively scheduled for March 29th, 2014. To see the group picture, Click here.
2013-03-05 After much neglect, a major update of the "Highs" page has finally been completed! We encourage all readers to pay a visit and see if they can top any of the plates shown and, if so, to consider sending us a photo (we promise to make more timely updates in future). To see how "High" we got doing this update, Click Here.
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday ... Big day today, as it is the 100th anniversary of the first provincially issued license plates on March 1, 1913, following the adoption of a series amendments to the Motor-traffic Regulation Act, one of which included a requirement that the "Superintendent of Provincial Police shall also issue and deliver to the applicant at the time of the issue of any licence under the provision of this section ... two number-plates for each motor ... having thereon the licence number of such motor, the initials 'B.C.' and the year of issue."
It is that time of year again to look in the rear-view mirror and consider the big license plate stories of the past 12 months! It seems to us that the biggest story of the year was the decision by the Privacy Commissioner to wade into the emerging debate over the use of information collected by ALPR technology (i.e. those cameras on police cars that scan license plates), and the implications of this technology as a driving force in the design and use of license plates in the coming years.
Honourable mentions go out to the expanded Military Veteran's license plate program, the "beginning of the end" with the issuance of plates from the last bloc of 000-AAA "Flag" plates; and the re-designed decals for 2013.
SPOILER ALERT! It is that time of the year again and continuing that great newspaper tradition from the 1920s through the 1960s we are pleased to break the news on the new license plate decals for 2014! The colours are to be black-on-green with a couple of new modifications including the full date (i.e. "2014") and a vertically aligned "BRITISH COLUMBIA". To see a graphic representation of the new decals, Click Here.
The first plate (i.e. 688-LXW) from the 16th bloc of the "Flag" graphic was spotted on the roads of Langley today! For those not familiar with BC's licence plate numbering system, this is the last bloc of 1,000,000 plates in the 000-AAA format which was begun in 2001, and represents plates in the 000-LLL through to 999-XXX range and, even more importantly, heralds the likely end of this format by early 2014! We here at BCpl8s.ca have it on good authority that ICBC will likely be switching to a AA0-00A format for passenger plates until "Transformation 2014" is complete and their computer systems upgraded, after which BC will likely follow the lead of its neighbours in Alberta and Washington State and introduce a 7-digit format.
2012-08-04 The third annual Okanagan Valley License Plate Meet was held in Summerland today with approximately 13 collectors in attendance. Fun was had by all, and to see the group picture, Click here.
We here at BCpl8s.ca are pleased to announce a partnership with the BC Archives (which are part of the Royal BC Museum) in which we have been granted approval to post images of the Motor Vehicle Branch Registers used between 1904 and the early 1920s. This represents fourteen different volumes with information on the pre-provincial era as well as the first 17,000 numbers issued. This project will take many months to complete, but the first Registers are available now and can be found under the Vehicle Registration Data Archive, or simply by Clicking Here. Be sure to check back in future for more updates.
The third annual Okanagan Valley License Plate Meet will be held in Summerland on August 4th with a projected start time of around noon. If you are interested in attending please drop Ron Garay a line at rgaray@direct.ca.

News from the Province today that the Veteran license plate program is being expanded to include current serving members of the armed services. For us here at BCpl8s.ca, if active military personnel can qualify for these plates are they really "Veteran" plates anymore, or should they be re-named to "Military" plates? To read more about it, Click Here.


For those interested in the progress of "Tales from the Back Bumper", the draft manuscript was submitted to Heritage House today, but it seems that an editor is not going to be available until September, so looks like I have the summer off to focus on a few side projects, one of which I hope to be announcing shortly (and it relates to the Registration Data Archive).

Word from one of our Full-patch BCpl8s.ca members today that the next letter to be used on the motorcycle plates following the completion of the 'S' prefix is the letter 'U'! To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time outside of the utility trailer base that the letter 'U' has been used (yes, this letter does appear on the personalised and ham radio plates).
The 28th Annual Pacific Northwest Regional License Plate Meet was held today, as always, in Burnaby. Fun was had by all who attended and we are looking forward to next year, which is tentatively scheduled for March 30th, 2013. To see the group picture, Click here.
If you are like me, you have been waiting a long time for the annual announcement of the new colour scheme on the decals. I am not sure what happened this year and why we are so late in getting our hands on the colours, hopefully we can obtain the 2014 colours a lot sooner. Anyway's, without further ado, the 2013 decals are black-on-orange, Click here to see them in living colour! If we didn't know any better (and maybe we do), it would appear that the Corporation has reverted to a rotating colour scheme and that we will not be seeing a blue decal in the foreseeable future. We wonder, however, if the orange on the 2013 is presenting enough of a contrast with the pink of the 2012 decal? Driving around in the dull light of winter it is hard to distinguish the two ...
Interesting tidbit of information from the Corporation today, apparently a further $2.45 million was collected from the renewal of 2010 Winter Games (also known as Olympic) license plates in 2011. Considering that the average renewal cost is $25, this equates to roughly 98,000 Olympic plates still on the road in 2011. While impressive, it does represent only 50% of the total number of Olympic plates that were issued between 2007 and December 31, 2010. It will be even more interesting to see what this tally is by the end of 2012, which is the last year the $25 fee will be collected. Happy New Year VANOC and many happy renewals!
It is that time of year again to look in the rear-view mirror and consider the big license plate stories of the past 12 months! Unlike the cornucopia of stories from which we could pick in 2010, the number of stories in 2011 has been considerably lower key. That said, we have decided the Corporation's formal announcement of "Transformation 2014" is the biggest story of the year as it has the potential to usher in significant changes to the way we think of licence plates in this province. Unfortunately, from what he have been able to ascertain from the Corporation, Vehicle Licencing and Registration will be one of the last Department's to have their computer systems upgraded. So, we will probably not see any new developments until the end of the "transformation" in, coincidentally, 2014, which is only 730 days away (we can't hardly wait)!
Honourable mentions go out to the redesigned motorcycle licence plate (although why the provincial government failed to also redesign the Veteran cycle and Utility Trailer plates continues to escape us); the ditching of the "Best Place on Earth" slogan by our new Premier Christy Clark (now, "Canada Starts Here"); and Heritage House Publishing for having the incredible foresight to see the merits of a book on BC licence plate history (sorry, couldn't help blowing my own horn).
First the first time in almost four years are can announce that ICBC was kind enough to forward the most recent iteration of their "BC Licence Plate Identification Guide", a copy of which can be accessed from the BCpl8s.ca main page, or just Click here.
Much to our surprise, ICBC has begun issuing 'D' suffix plates for Commercial Trailers. We had assumed that the next letter to be used in this series would be 'E' as the Corporation would be looking to reserve the 'D' for the Dealer plate type. Such an approach is what occurred with the Prorate base when the 'P' prefix was exhausted and the series was flipped to a 'P' suffix in mid-2010. To see the new suffix, visit the Commercial Trailer page.
If you have been looking to follow BCpl8s.ca on Twitter, you will know that our uptake of this new micro-blogging service has been rather slow and, it would seem, this reluctance to embrace social media has cost us an important scoop. It would also seem that Vaughn Palmer (Vancouver Sun columnist and host of Voice of BC) tweeted back in May that, under the new leadership of Christy Clark, the provincial government had formally dropped "The Best Place on Earth" slogan (but not the logo)! This is not surprising as something similar recently happened in New Brunswick following the election of a new provincial government. One can only assume that British Columbia license plates will now remain "Beautiful" for another 50 years ...
2011-07-30 The second annual Okanagan Valley License Plate Meet was held in Summerland today with approximately 15 collectors in attendance. Fun was had by all, and to see the group picture, Click here.
It is not often that an unknown plate appears, but that is precisely what happened today as Jon McKillop of Vancouver has turned-up a hitherto unknown Trailer license plate from 1921 - which predates what was previously thought to be the first year of issue for these plates by two years (i.e. 1923)! To view a picture of this latest, coolest find, Click Here.
After many months of work, the Penticton chapter of BCpl8s.ca is proud present a new section of the site devoted to the history of Yukon Licence Plates! As this is an on-going project, many of the pages are still under construction, but we hope to continually be adding new information and images for your viewing enjoyment. Given the designs that various BC Premiers have had to annex the Yukon Territory over the years, this seemed like a natural extension for BCpl8s.ca, not to mention British Columbia firms supplied the majority of Territory plates throughout the 20th Century!
If anyone is looking for a way to make $100, a chap on UsedVictoria.com is looking for a photo of a Victoria carriage displaying one of the City's porcelain licence plates, unfortunately, the catch is that the photo has to be from the 1880s, which is problematic as these plates were not issued until 1913. To read more, Click Here.
Thanks to the efforts of one of our plate spotters, who also happens to be an avid golfer, we are aware of a change the Province has made to the licencing of golf carts, namely that it is no longer necessary to insure such vehicles where the carts have to cross a road in the course of play. For the official government media release, Click Here.
Although we have yet to see one on the roads of the Okanagan, word today that ICBC has redesigned the motorcycle plate at the bequest of law enforcement agencies who were having troubles reading the small dies used on the plates. Of note, the new plates will display larger dies, will use the dual decal box seen on the Olympic and Consular bases as well as the new government logo (i.e. the "BC Mark in place of the "Flag") but will retain the "Beautiful" slogan. Look for the changeover around the S59-000 mark, and for a picture by Clicking Here.
In thinking about the implications of ICBC's recently announced "Transformation 2014" this morning, I found myself contemplating that odd quote from Donald Rumsfeld about there being "things we know we know ... things we do not know ... [and] unknown unknowns, the ones we don't know we don't know". We know ICBC is running out of combinations for the Flag graphic; yet we do not know exactly when this will occur; but what unknown unknowns may be lurking in the shadows at ICBC? We'll assign "Transformation 2014" to the list of former unknown unknowns (although we concede that there were numerous references to it in ICBC's 2009 Annual Report), and from what we have been able to glean from news reports it is principally about upgrading the Corporation's computer systems (and potentially making some Claim's Adjuster's redundant in the process). When rolled out to the licensing and registration department (presumably by 2014?) could "Transformation 2014" remove the systems limitation that has prevented the introduction of seven digit plates (be they personalised or passenger)? Only the next three years will tell ...
Things that make you go "hmmm ..." Earlier this week a 21 year-old woman was kicked off a Skytrain (Public Transit) for sporting a button that stated "Fuddle Duddle Yoga" (or something to that effect). Eager to find other examples of government sanctioned bureaucratic censorship, the media quickly zeroed in on vanity license plates with The Vancouver Province newspaper trotting out that tired old "expose" of rejected slogans (how many different iterations of this same story have we seen in the past 10 years?) The story can be read HERE, but what we found infinitely more interesting was that The Province did a Wikileaks inspired dump of the information it obtained from ICBC (through a Freedom of Information request) on its web site! To scan through the full list of slogans rejected by the Corporation between 1990 and 2010, Click here.
A nice surprise was waiting in my Inbox upon my return from the Burnaby meet, the new series Prorate plate with the dual-decal box (how many of these did I pass on the Hope-Princeton today?). Click here.
The 27th Annual Pacific Northwest Regional License Plate Meet was held today, as always, in Burnaby. Fun was had by all who attended and we are looking forward to next year, which is tentatively scheduled for either March 24th or 31st, 2012 (whichever date doesn't conflict with the Nevada meet). To see the group picture, Click here.
Interesting story out of New Brunswick today where the newly elected provincial government has decided to drop the previous administration's license plate slogan "Be ... in this place". Click here to read more. We here at BCpl8s.ca always thought this to be a rather troublesome slogan as we have generally considered "The Place to Be" is in the State of Victoria (in Australia)! Nevertheless, could this be a parable for the eventual fate of "The Best Place on Earth" slogan here in British Columbia - be it at the hands of the Christy Clark Liberals or a new NDP administration?
After many months of hard slogging, we have completed a rather significant update to the Registration Data Archive through the addition of eleven (yes, 11!) years of new information - primarily the years 1945-1955, but with some other adjustments in the 1920s and 1930s. To sift through the new numbers, just Click Here.
Word has started to trickle in that ICBC is now using 3M reflective sheeting with security date code holograms, also known as "virtual security threads" (which should be visible when the plate is viewed at a 30 degree angle). These holograms have been used in other jurisdictions across North America since at least the 1980s, but are a new feature to BC plates. Thanks to the diligent efforts of our Senior Manager of Plate Spotters, we have been able to narrow down the possible introduction point of the hologram to the 000-TAN to 300-TAN range. To see exactly what we are talking about, Click here! In case you are interested, "BST1" is seen to be the code, which now appears to add a whole new wrinkle to collecting BC plates ...
A terrible piece of reporting on the Guinness World Record story appeared in the Burton Mail today as the newspaper attempted to report on the adventures of former local boy, John Roberts, by slapping together a bunch of quotes from the Times Colonist, Victoria News and Globe & Mail and posting it as "news". Unfortunately, they seem to have missed the recent development that the record was revoked; have misquoted Eric Taylor; and this really made us scratch our heads, posted a picture of the No. 1 plate despite the column proclaiming the No. 6 to be the World's Oldest. You can read it all for yourself, just Click here.
Interesting spin on the "world's oldest licence plate" story by the Globe and Mail today. So much left unsaid, but isn't that always the case. To read more, Click here.
What a pleasant surprise it was to find out that CBC Radio's venerable As it Happens decided to revisit their story on the so-called "World's Oldest Licence Plate" this evening. To listen to the clip, you will need to jump through a few hoops. First, follow THIS LINK and jump ahead on the .mp3 to about the 23:00 min mark. Good luck.
Word arrived in our inbox today that the new series of Prorate plates appear to no longer be stamped with the dual decal box commonly found on the Olympic passenger base. We eagerly await confirmation of this news with a picture from the field. Stay tuned ...
"Brake put on Victoria's claim to oldest licence plate" indeed! We would like to commend the Victoria Times Colonist for printing a follow-up to their original October column and the more recent decision by Guinness World Record's to revoke the award and close the category due to the difficulty in determining what actually constitutes a license plate.
Kudos to the Victoria News for running the story "Guinness revokes license plate record". It turns out the 1913 City of Victoria No. 6 porcelain license plate is not the "World's Oldest" after all (surprise!). To read more Click Here.
Thanks to the good folks at ICBC he have a final breakdown on the number of Olympic plates sold over the three year course of the program. The total number of plate sets sold was 196,305 (almost double what Ipsos-Reid predicted would be sold!). Even better, we were able to get a break-down on the different types of plates sold - which is always important to collectors: Passenger vehicles: 154,515 (78.71%); Commercial Trucks: 35,931 (18.30%); Motorcycles: 4,989 (2.54%); Utility Trailers: 557 (0.28%); Commercial Trailer: 227 (0.12%); and Farm Trucks 86 (0.04%).
With 2010 firmly in the rear view mirror, and feeling inspired by the Canadian Press, we here at BCpl8s.ca have decided to name John Roberts our Newsmaker of the Year! There is no denying the media publicity generated from Guinness World Records awarding the designation of the "World's Oldest" to Mr Roberts' No. 6 City of Victoria porcelain license plate (despite the fact the plate originated in 1913) as the story has gone global!
Honourable mentions go out to David Hersch of Nelson (he of the rejected "DR SEX" vanity plate); the staff of the Abbotsford Autoplan Agency allegedly visited by a "scammer" who used his iphone to take pictures of the 2012 decals (just imagine what this scoundrel will do now that the '12 decal can be downloaded directly from this site!); and News 1130 for scooping us on the new serial format to be introduced in 2013.
Out of interest, we decided to undertake a census of all the license plate pictures currently featured on BCpl8s.ca, and came up with a total of approximately 4,070, which is an almost 100% increase over the last time we did a similar count a couple of years back. Our resolution for 2011 is to hit 5,000!
As surprising as it may be, BCpl8s.ca actually has a fairly good number cruncher at our disposal and according to their calculations, approximately 601,000 sets of passenger plates were issued by the Corporation in 2010, which represents an 8% increase over 2009 figures and the largest single year-over-year increase since informal records were started in 1994. At this rate, it is anticipated that the current 000-AAA format will be exhausted in early 2014.
Well, after three-and-a-half years we have finally reached the end of the Olympic license plate program. Despite it being the Saturday after New Year's, ICBC found the time to update their web site and announce that 196,000 sets of plates have been sold. We are hoping to obtain a more detailed breakdown from the Corporation in the coming days and will post what we can.
Thanks to the diligent effort of our most decorated plate spotter, we are able to bring you a very crisp image of the new magenta 2012 registration decals. To take a gander at this year's offering, just Click Here.
It is not often that we are able to add a new page regarding a specific type of license plate to the BCpl8s.ca archive of information, but that is precisely what we were able to do over the course of the past month when the Chauffeur Badge page was created from scratch thanks to the collaborative efforts of Ron Garay and Pierre Delacote.
Do you happen to have $8 million USD kicking around? If so, the so-called "world's oldest license plate" can be yours. Interested? Click Here to read more.
We feel the need to comment on the announced resignation of the Premier, Gordon Campbell, today and to recognise his administration's contribution to the province's licence plates through such measures as the introduction of the Veteran (2004), Passenger Carrier (2005) and Olympic (2007) plates; the redesign of the Consular plates (2007); the ever shrinking decal (2005) and non-expiry decal (2006); the change in manufacturer from Astrographic to Waldale (2002); and allowing collectors to obtain true "SAMPLE" plates instead of the souvenir "BC-0000" (2002). We can't help but wonder, however, if this also marks the end of the "Best Place on Earth" slogan, which would be fitting in a way as the issuance of the license plate bearing that slogan are scheduled to conclude next month.
Much to our dismay, the story of the 1913 City of Victoria porcelain licence plate being the "world's oldest" has been picked up across the CanWest News Service (being printed as far afield as the Montreal Gazette) and even by other news media sources such as UPI, the Yahoo! Canada web site and CBC's venerable "As It Happens". To their credit, however, the Times-Colonist printed a story outlining our concerns. To read more, Click Here. The bun fight continues...
It was with some incredulity that we read in the Times Colonist today that the people behind the Guinness World Records have proclaimed the City of Victoria to be the "birthplace of the licence plate"! You can read the full article in the T.C. by Clicking Here. While we here at BCpl8s do not doubt that the City was attempting to regulate hackney carriages in the 1880s, it is drawing a rather long bow to suggest that this is directly related to the porcelain plates that have commonly been accepted as being issued in 1913 (more information on this topic is contained on our Municipal page). It is on like Donkey Kong...
SPOILER ALERT! It is that time of the year again and continuing that great newspaper tradition from the 1920s through the 1960s we are pleased to break the news on the new license plate (decals) for 2012! The colours are to be black-on-magenta. When we see the first decals on the roads we will be sure to post an image, so check back later.
The first of what may become an annual license plate meet in the Okanagan Valley was held today. Thirteen collectors were able to attend and fun was had by all. To see the group picture, Click here.
A visit to local collector Graham Casey has resulted in a number of new plate pictures that have been posted to a number of different pages on the site.
Tis the season ... our senior plate spotter has relayed news that the Prorate / Apportioned base has finally been reversed after plate number "0006-0P" was seen crossing the Alex Fraser Bridge this afternoon. This is not much of a surprise as the Prorate base now joins the the ranks of the Passenger (2001) and Commercial Truck (2008) plates as those types whose format has been reversed as ICBC attempts to prolong the life of the "Flag" base.
News 1130 out of Vancouver has broken the story that ICBC is running out of license plate combinations ... well, actually that isn't news as we have been writing about this for years, but the solution ICBC has come up with is one that we have openly dreaded here at BCpl8s.ca - the retention of the six digit serial but no new license plate design! According to ICBC's Adam Grossman, "typically where we see three letters, followed by three numbers - we're actually going to be seeing a sequence of two letters and a number, followed by two numbers and a letter" (i.e. "AA0-00A"). We would point out that typically we see three numbers followed by three letters but that would be splitting hairs ... To read more, Click here.
What must be one of the last announcements related to the sale of Olympic plates was made by the Corporation today when it released an Information Sheet related to its participation as a sponsor of the Games. Apparently, the tally is now sitting at 184,000 sets of plates issued, with a haul of $10.1 million from sales of the plates being realised by ICBC. To read more, Click here.
Thanks to our favourite plate spotter, we now know that the 13th million bloc of plates in the LAA to XKK range have been issued and ICBC has moved back to where it left off with the 14th million bloc (i.e. LAL to KXK) by issuing plates from 000-LJL, however, a combination - "REP" - has also been spotted which is from late in the 14th million bloc, so the issuing mayhem we commented on back in 2008 seems to be continuing ...
The Spring Cleaning at BCpl8s.ca continues! We have just finished updated the newly re-named 'Farm' plate page (which replaces the former 'Agriculture' page). To see more, Click here.
Thanks to some recently acquired photos at the Burnaby Plate Meet and from local collector Ron Garay, we have been able to bring greater coherence to the Motor Carrier page (and deleted the former "Carrier" page in the process). To see the updates, Click here.  Also, thanks to some material provided by the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM), we have been to update the Municipal license plate page.  To see the fruits of that particular labour, Click here.
The 26th Annual Pacific Northwest Regional License Plate Meet was held today, as always, in Burnaby. Fun was had by all who attended and we are looking forward to next year, which is tentatively scheduled for March 26, 2011. To see the group picture, Click here.
A rather momentous day in the history of BC license plates as the venerable "Flag" design turns 25!  To honour the occasion, we here at BCpl8s.ca punched out a short column to mark the event and shopped our work around to the likes of the Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province, Globe and Mail (BC Section) and even the Georgia Straight but, amazingly, not one of these news outlets was interested in publishing our work! In the interests of public disclosure, we are posting the column in its entirety for your perusal - just Click here.
A "BC Coroners Service death panel review" has recommended that the province introduce "different coloured licence plate to motorcyclists who hold a learner's licence." To read a copy of the report, Click here.
We here at BCpl8s.ca wanted to give a shout-out to Prime Minister Stephen Harper for making reference to BC license plates in his "historic" address to the BC Legislature today. His precise words were that "Canadians from coast to coast to coast have known you for decades by the slogan on your licence plates - Beautiful British Columbia." Can one assume that the PM was, on behalf of all Canadians, casting his vote against the favoured "Best Place on Earth" slogan with this speech? To read the full text, Click here.
24 days out from the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics and ICBC announced that they have now sold 175,000 of the Winter Games plates (although, based on the regional breakdown the Corporation provided, the number appears to be closer to 178,000)!  To read more about it, Click here.
2010-01-05 We now have a slightly better scan of the 2011 decal on a new issue (13th series) plate, just Click here.

The first "MJA" plate in the Olympic series was spotted on the road today. There is a hypothesis that the end of the series will occur at 999-MJA, as it was initially thought that only 100,000 of the plates would be sold over the course of the program (the last official announcement was that over 160,000 plates had been issued). Accordingly, it will be interesting to see how continued demand is to be met or if the program will be brought to an end prior to its scheduled December 31, 2010, close. Stay tuned ...

Today, passenger plate no. 259-WAC was spotted on the roads of the Lower Mainland. As the previous high in this, the 13th series of the "Flag" graphic (i.e. LAA to XKK) was in the "TKF" range, it can now be deduced that the entire bloc of "V" plates (i.e. VAA - VXX) has been reserved for the Veteran base. This represents a bloc of approximately 400,000 plates, and with only 31,000 passenger plates having been issued to date, and the annual number of plates being assigned equalling about 1,000/year, it is estimated that the Corporation has a sufficient number of combinations for the next 369 years.
Thanks to the assistance and knowledge of local collector Ron Garay, we have been able to undertake an extensive revision of the Trailer license plate pages. The end result is that these pages now better reflect the lineage of Trailer plates over the past 86 years. To see the changes, Click here.
Thirty years ago today, the first personalised license plate ("HEALEY") was issued to Richard Rogers of White Rock by then Minister of Transportation Alex Fraser in Victoria.
SPOILER ALERT! It is that time of the year again and the first 2011 registration decal has been spotted on the roads! We had heard rumours that the colour scheme for 2011 was to incorporate a "mustard" yellow, but from the looks of the image we just received from the field maybe "pumpkin" would have been more appropriate. To see more, Click here (NOTE: it is hoped that a scan of the actual decal can be provided early in the New Year).
The Provincial Government announced that a new framework is to be implemented that will require all Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) riders using Crown land to obtain a one-time registration with a licence plate for their machines. While the details are to be worked out over the next two years, in order to read a little more about it, Click here.
Thanks to some enthusiastic plate spotters, we were able to obtain some photos of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall on their recent visit to Victoria. To see the plates used on the car chauffeuring them around the capital, Click here.
With the launch of the Olympic Torch Relay, we have been dutifully deciphering the plates that are being used on the convoy vehicles supporting the relay. To read more about it, Click here.
Our favourite plate spotter has noticed that the decals being issued to Commercial Trailers have been slightly modified (and, for reasons unknown, continue to be issued with date decals). To see the new decal, Click here.
Yes, it was another slow summer, but to break the doldrums comes the latest announcement from ICBC on sales of the Olympic plates. With 150 days to go until the opening ceremony, 162,000 plates have now been sold. To read more about it, Click here.
Today we learned that it now takes eight months to sell 20,000 Olympic plates (remember the heady days of 2007 when that number could be moved in 8 weeks!), as ICBC finally announced today that they have hit the 150,000 plateau. To read more about it, Click here.
WTF (part 2)! An interesting column in the Vancouver Sun today where an "ICBC spokesman" proclaimed "I'm not up on all the latest acronyms, but I do know what WTF means". While this statement may be true now, we here at BCpl8s.ca wonder if this "spokesman" could have answered with the same forthright manner 12 months ago? Confused? Click here to see what we mean ...
The 25th Annual Pacific Northwest Regional License Plate Meet was held today, as always, in Burnaby. Fun was had by all who attended and we are looking forward to next year, which is tentatively scheduled for March 27, 2010. To see the group picture, Click here.
We have updated some of the information contained on the passenger plate section related to the period 1913-14. Click here.
ICBC quietly announced that the Olympic base has surpassed 140,000 sets as part of a separate announcement that the Corporation will be allotting approximately 75% of its Winter Games ticket allocation as a reward to customers. To read more, Click here.
Unexpected news was received today regarding a re-design of the Lieutenant Governor's license plate. Thanks to Ernie MacAulay for bringing this to our attention, and to read more about it, Click here.
It seems that sales of the Olympic plates are still chugging along 18 months into the program with ICBC announcing today that 130,000 plates have now been issued. To mark the occasion, the Corporation has launched a new web site linking sales of the plates to support for athletes, and announced a new contest for plate holders. To read more, Click here.
SPOILER ALERT! I know that for many of us one of the highlights of the year end is not Christmas or the New Year's holidays, but spotting the new registration decals for the forthcoming year to see what colour scheme ICBC has opted for. Well, this year BCpl8s.ca is proud to bring you an advance viewing of the 2010 decals! To see more, Click here.
"Issuing Mayhem Continues to Afflict ICBC!" Click here.
In honour of today's date (and to fill some space in the "news" section during these dog days of summer), I thought I would share with you my own lucky Olympic plate numbers: Click here.
We here at BCpl8s.ca were recently asked by the National Post to contribute some thoughts on Alberta's tepid, yet still somewhat populist attempt to come up with a new license plate design. Yes, we felt like carpetbaggers commenting on Alberta's plates from our perch here in the sunny Okanagan, but any publicity is good publicity - especially when it is through the national media. To read the column, Click here.
The Vancouver Sun did an excellent write-up on the hobby and featured local White Rock collector Bill Hobbis; Mike Barnsley (the great-grandson of John Barnsley), and a small acknowledgement of the work of we here at BCpl8s.ca. To read John Mackie's column, just Click here.
For fans of the Registration Data Archive, we here at BCpl8s.ca are proud to announce that a digitization of the available records has recently commenced, and will result in .pdf of copies of those years for which we have information becoming available for free download directly from our site. While this process is expected to take a few weeks, certain years are already available, just Click here.
An emerging mystery has been uncovered in relation to the new Truck series, specifically the mysterious disappearance of the separated decal box found on the early plates in this series! For reasons as yet unknown, the new Truck series has reverted to a single decal box! To find out more, Click here.
After much delay, we here at BCpl8s.ca finally did some investigative work into those permanent, "non-expiry" decals that have been spotted on the back of Commercial Trailer license plates since 2006. To see the fruits of our labours, simply Click here.
Almost a month after quietly announcing the sale of the 100,000 Winter Games license plate, ICBC has now issued a formal press release and is making a much bigger occasion of the event. To read the latest, Click here.
Another new entry has been added on the Links page, this time for Eric Taylor's fantastic page on the plates from BC's porcelain era (i.e. 1913-14). To see Eric's (and Dave Hollins') historical handiwork, Click here.
It is not often that one of these comes along, but an update to the Links page has been made to reflect the site that Woody1778 has created to showcase his collection of BC plates (amongst others), and to convey a little plate history at the same time - that Woody is from Edmonton won't be held against him! To see his handiwork, Click here.
Well, they have done it! Without much fanfare, ICBC has posted on their web site that the 100,000 Olympic Winter Games plates has now been sold - almost one year to the day after being released. To read more about it, Click here.
Tabernacle! The results for ALPCA's 2007 "Best License Plate Award" have been released and British Columbia's 2010 Winter Games optional base plate finished third. To see how the voting shaked out, Click here.
A major upgrade to the Keytags page was made possible today by Pierre Delacote who has graciously forwarded images of his collection. To see the run from 1946 to the present, simply Click here.
The 24th Annual Pacific Northwest Regional License Plate Meet was held today, as always, in Burnaby. Fun was had by all who attended and we are looking forward to the twenty-fifth edition tentatively scheduled for March 28, 2009. To see the group picture, Click here.
One of our intrepid plate spotters out in the field (I won't say where), came across a "first issue" and managed to click an incredibly high quality shot of the plate! Click here to see the plate (Honorary Consular Officer "HC-001A"), and thanks to John Roberts for sending in the photo!
ICBC announced today that 90,000 Olympic Winter Games have now been sold, and the race is on to reach 100,000 before the end of April. To read more about it, Click here.
Although ICBC has made no formal announcement to mark the occasion, the Truck base has been exhausted and the series reversed to the "AA-0000" format, and commencing at "AL-0000". This likely means that "AA-0000" to "AK-9999" has been reserved for the Olympic Truck base. To read more about it, Click here.
The nominations for ALPCA's 2007 "Best License Plate Award" have been released and the 2010 Winter Games optional base plate has made the cut along with other Canadian plates from Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. To read about it, Click here.
When it rains, it pours! Tom Lindner sent through a couple megabytes worth of photos this week that I have been using to plug some holes on the following pages: Sample Decals; Farm; Trailer Floater; Samples; Passenger; Ham Radio; Farm; Utility Trailer; Dealer; Commercial Trailer; Motorcycle; Trailer; and Industrial Vehicle plates.
ICBC announced today that 80,000 Olympic Winter Games have now been sold, to read more about it, Click here.
Apart from today being my Dad's 61st birthday (Aghast!), local collector Ron Garay paid a visit to BCpl8s.ca Headquarters with some of the gems of his collection including a series of "Repeating Numbers", which can be seen here, as well as other plates that plugged some holes on the following pages: Trailer; Passenger; Dealer; and Reciprocity.
Another run has been added under the "Great BC Plate Runs!" section of the site, and includes a total of 25 plates numbered "1224" from the years 1937 to 1964 (with only the Totem series years missing - as per usual).  To see the run, Click here .
ICBC was kind enough to forward the most recent iteration of their "BC Licence Plate Identification Guide", a copy of which can be accessed from the BCpl8s.ca main page, or just Click here.
The Vancouver Sun ran an article on the new Consular plates entitled "ICBC marks dignitaries red" by Catherine Rolfsen. You can access the story here: Vancouver Sun (I am not sure how long this link will stay active).
We here at BCpl8s.ca were asked to provide some commentary for this piece, but apparently our contribution ended up in the Editor's trash bin ...
The Government of Alberta announces a "Consultation on Alberta's Licence Plate", with the intent of coming up with a new design.
While not directly relevant to BC plates, I believe that this emerging story is important. Stay tuned for more details.
BCpl8s.ca is quoted extensively in a Vancouver Courier editorial entitled "Liberals using licence plates as mobile marketing tool".
A new series of Consular license plates, featuring a red-on-white colour scheme begin to be issued.
An optional passenger license plate promoting the 2010 Winter Olympic Games to be held in Vancouver is announced.
30,000th Veteran license plate is presented to Anna Allman by Premier Campbell.
A new Veteran license plate is announced by the Provincial Government.

100th Anniversary of the first motor vehicle registration in British Columbia.
The Victoria Times Colonist publishes a column entitled "100 years of plates", featuring local collector Rick Pilotte.

BCpl8s.ca is selected as the Vancouver Province's Hot Site of the Week!
Waldale Manufacturing Limited of Amherst, Nova Scotia wins a low bid competition to manufacture British Columbia plates for the next five years.
Three letter/three number combinations on passenger plates are exhausted and ICBC begins issuing plates under the 000-AAA format.
They Can't Get Enough on Plates - Victoria Times Colonist. This is a reprint of a great article I came across on plate collecting in British Columbia 30 years ago.

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