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This project that we affectionately call is the result of contributions from many individuals who share a peculiar, yet worthy interest and joy in the history of British Columbia license plates. The following gallery recognises some of these people:

Pierre Delacote
A 1978 Quebec plate started the first pile and it took the equivalent to a mother's love to begin a collection with such an ugly duckling but the plate had come from my very first car after I had leaped from France to Montreal that same year. Trying to be original, I believed I was the only plate collector in the world until a mysterious person had contacted ALPCA shortly after my move to Vancouver in 1986. And the rest is history ...
Christopher Garrish
Acquired his first plate from the back of his grandmother's car when British Columbia introduced the "Flag" graphic in 1986. His collection comprises far more pictures than actual license plates, and he spends a ridunculous amount of time maintaining this web site.  Did you know that both of Chris' daughters names can be spelled in English and License Plate: K8 (Kate) and 3MM4 (Emma).
Don Schneider
Started collecting license plates in 1982 when a friend gave him a pair of 1958 British Columbia Centennial license plates.  Joining ALPCA soon after, he traded plates for many years until eBay became the norm for exchanges.  As of 2010, Don is only missing one year - 1929 - to complete an early run of British Columbia trailer plates.  Don is continually working on completing other BC non-passenger type runs - many of which are displayed on the walls and ceiling of his heated garage.  Collecting license plates is "My Passion"!


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