British Columbia Personalized License Plates
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"I can't believe ICBC approved these!"
Religious Slogans:

Flickr User: D70Sure, this could be a judge, but we think they are expecting to be judged by a higher "power"!

Jesus Christ is No. 1 with this person!

I believe this plate might have religious overtones

"Deus": Latin for "god" or "deity", but possibly a reference to 'deuce' (a 32 Ford)


A reference to Easter in the Orthodox Christian Church

Is someone purporting to be the devil?

Yes you are!

Pagans can't be given a free pass, especially when they practice Black Magic!

A reference to Adam & Eve and the Garden of Eden? A blunt statement on the male gender?

A religious practice in Hinduism & Buddhism involving making offerings into a consecrated fire

A designation for a particular class of Zoroastrian divinities

The King of the Greek gods
The God of the sky & thunder


Sexual Slogans:

Instagram User: cookiejr
From the dudes who brought you "Bang Bus", experience the "Blow Job" BMW!
We love the double entendre (Brian Jessel) and the plate frame is a nice touch but come on ...

Lo and behold! An earlier generation (pre-2002) of the "Blow Job BMW"!

It seems there are plenty enough to go around ... BMWs people (get your minds out of the gutter)!

Gammie: a word commonly used in Scotland which means to get a blow job; "aff a burd ye don't even no" (Urban Dictionary)

Austin Powers' Jaguar, also known as the "Shag You-R" (Baby!)! Nice play on words, but come on ...

Also known as the ASSMAN (Kramer?)!

Kudos to this "Sexy Nana" for getting the slogan, but we wonder how this was approved?

palang - In Borneo and (formerly) the Philippines: a (usually metal) crosspiece driven horizontally through the penis near its head (ouch!)
Flickr User: ttcopley
Dominance and Submission Joy?

I sure hope the second vowel they omitted is an "A" and not an "I"

For real, a "Tooty Ache"? A sore ass?

Speed Racing Slogans:

Is "RACER" not a derivative of "speedracing"?

(Turbo?) Boost; speedracing?
Flickr User: Maurice Woodworth
Quickly; speedracing?
Flickr User: Marcel Lech
Another Ferrari (599 GTO) sporting an Formula 1 slogan

NASCAR slogans not allowed,
but an Formula 1 slogan; OK!

Formula 1 slogans on Ferrari's are ok!

Drag racing?

Drag racing?

Golf Handicap or 0-60 in under 3 seconds?

Racing "Track King"!

I Accelerate!
Flicker User: lbangloy
Speed racing!

"SPEEDY" - on a muscel car too

Revving and the 9,000 (RPM)

Imperial Japanese Navy floatplane fighter; armed and very fast

I am going to be "Passing You" ...
Well, only if you are speeding!

You better fasten your seat belt, this sh!t is about to get real fast!

"Hold on for Deal Life"!

Drug & Alcohol Slogans:

Punjabi for "Drink 3 Shots"

Punjabi for "I'm Drunk"

From the Corporation that rejected "SMOKE" due to speed racing conerns comes Blazing; the state of maximum intoxication caused by the ingestion of a hallucinogenic substance, usually LSD! (Urban Dictionary)

A natural state of euphoria or one caused by hitting the bong too many times!

Other Questionable Slogans:

Isn't there a rule against other cities NHL teams on BC plates? We are all Canucks!

Isn't there a rule against other cities NHL teams on BC plates? We are all Canucks!

Isn't there a rule against other cities NHL teams on BC plates? We are all Canucks!

Isn't there a rule against other cities NHL teams on BC plates? We are all Canucks!

Isn't there a rule against other cities NHL teams on BC plates? We are all Canucks!

"IED" - Improvised Explosive Device?!?

Isn't there a rule against other cities CFL teams on BC plates?

ICBC is now enabling Ria haters?
Wouldn't: "I prefer the company of others to Ria's" have been the better option here?

Maybe these are initials, maybe they relate to the Schutzstaffel. Why risk issuing it?

Adolph Hitler's birthday (April 20th), or the smoking of marijuana - either way; huh?

Zog = Zionist Occupied Government
(Urban Dictionary)

Hijacker! (from the pre-911 era!)

"Be Evil" - what standard is ICBC setting for people by allowing this slogan?

To die for peach cobbler, or someone who likes to sin?

What's with all the evil?

Probably the band Slayer, but could it also be someone who is handy wielding a sword?

Also known as cold-blooded, inhuman, ruthless and unmerciful; a sociopath.

It sure is!

Innocuous, yes but usually involves the subjugation of other peoples, which is out of favour these days, much like 'assimilation'

Hells Angels Forever
Forever Hells Angels

We are all for ICBC supporting mental health awareness week, but maybe there was a better way ...

An odd way of saying Whore?

A code of honor that places importance on silence in the face of questioning by authorities (like ICBC?) or outsiders!
Flickr User: Peter Chow
Whip em! Who, the kids? Your employees? Honestly, we are happier not knowing ...

Reference to a terrorist organisation? However unfortunate the coincidence; Yes.
Reference to a false God? Yes.
Reference to an Adult Shop? Yes.
With so many boxes ticked, we have to ask; how did this slogan get through?

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